Effective personality development with LINC’s BIG FIVE personality test – implemented according to the latest psychological standards.

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Take your personnel development and selection to a new level with the PERSONALITY PROFILER. Have your HR staff certified for the PERSONALITY PROFILER or benefit from our wide network of LPP trainers and coaches.


Become a part of the LPP network, expand your portfolio and gain a competitive advantage by using a personality test that clearly stands out from the competition thanks to its scientific foundation and innovative way of communicating results.


Are you interested in the knowledge of modern personality psychology and would you like to work on your personal development? Then contact us: complete the PERSONALITY PROFILER and receive professional coaching on request.



Management development

A medium-sized German automotive supplier decides to set up a junior management program for young high potentials who will take on management positions in the company in the future. An integral part of this program is the personality analysis with the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER. The tool is used to take each individual’s development potential, competencies and motives into account and use them to their best advantage.

Team development

Personnel development / coaching

Dr. Ronald Franke und Prof. Dr. Martin Puppatz

Personal development

Sales training

Individual training



The LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER is ideal for personnel development, personnel selection and for coaching purposes. In addition, the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER can be easily integrated into special topics, e.g. in team workshops or in sales seminars.

My employees / colleagues are not very interested in scientific foundations. Why should I work with a scientific instrument? Doesn’t something simpler do the trick?

First of all, a serious scientific basis and high practical relevance as well as user acceptance are not mutually exclusive. The LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER is particularly valued by practitioners. Apart from that, the scientific foundation offers three very important advantages:

1.      The personality traits that describe the personality best and most comprehensively are recorded – while non-scientific instruments often record any seemingly arbitrarily chosen characteristics.

2.      The personality traits are measured very precisely and reliably – while non-scientific instruments often measure imprecisely, comparable to a badly calibrated scale that shows 80 kg today and 120 kg tomorrow for the same person.

3.      The BIG FIVE model in particular has been examined in thousands of very high-quality scientific studies regarding the connections between the BIG FIVE and countless other criteria. Based on the BIG FIVE profile, reliable statements can be made about other topics, such as leadership or working style, whereas statements made on the basis of the results of non-scientific instruments are often more of a “horoscope” nature.

There are two ways you can use the PERSONALITY PROFILER. You can obtain certification by attending a two-day workshop in which you will learn how to use the tool professionally. You can then use the PERSONALITY PROFILER yourself with your employees, clients, etc. Alternatively, you can gain access to a broad network of certified trainers and coaches through us, who carry out training, development and coaching measures in your company based on the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER.

Of course. We offer a wide range of workshops, training, development and coaching measures related to the PERSONALITY PROFILER tools, which we either carry out ourselves or via our broad network of professional, certified PERSONALITY PROFILER trainers / coaches. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

The PERSONALITY PROFILER differs from other personality analysis tools in two significant ways: In contrast to many other tools, the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER has a real scientific basis. In addition, the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER impresses with its very appealing, easily understandable and modern way of result presentation.

The BIG FIVE model is by far the most recognized and best researched personality model. The BIG FIVE have been the dominant paradigm in modern personality psychology for over 20 years and have replaced other models (such as the outdated typological approaches according to C.G. Jung).

In addition to the basic version of the PERSONALITY PRPOFILER, we also offer

  • the LPP TEAM CHECK which makes the distribution of personalities in a team transparent.
  • the LPP PARTNER CHECK which creates a clear presentation of two persons’ LPP results at a glance, in a business or couple version
  • the LPP EXTERNAL REVIEW which offers a systematic comparison between self- and external assessment in the form of a 360 degree feedback
  • the LPP CANDIDATE CHECK which has been designed for personnel selection and a target-actual-comparison of personality profiles

You can find the next workshop dates here.

INFORMATION FOR TRAINERS, COACHES, CONSULTANTS AND HR PROFESSIONALS Get certified as an LPP Trainer:in/Coach and take your trainings and coachings to the next level.

  • The LINC Personality Profiler is a certificate program for trainers, coaches, consultants, HR professionals and managers
  • By participating in an LPP certificate seminar, you acquire the right to use the business psychologically founded LPP online tools in your training and coaching sessions
  • The results and evaluations of your clients are made available to you by means of very detailed and easily understandable reports
  • These results are then discussed with the clients in your training or coaching sessions
  • You can work with high-quality online tools based on business psychology
  • Regardless of the type of training or the content of the training: You have the right tool for every customer request (e.g. personal development, leadership or team development)
  • The tools enable tailor-made feedback for each of your customers and are suitable for all trainers, whether experienced or new to the business
  • We advertise for “our” trainers and provide them with attractive training and coaching assignments from companies
  • Attractive additional services such as tailor-made exercises and presentations as well as marketing materials

For example, the LPP tools are ideal for the following topics:

  • Preparation of employees for management tasks
  • Development of project teams
  • Resolving conflicts in teams
  • Implementation of individual ACs or development centers with top executives
  • General development of personality-related competencies for a wide range of target groups
  • Raising awareness in the context of diversity management measures
  • Preparation of students who are starting their careers
  • Freelance or employed trainers and coaches
  • Established trainers or coaches who do not yet work with digital tools, but would like to do so in the future
  • People who want to enter the trainer and coaching market
  • HR professionals / HR developers
  • Training experts and lecturers interested in business psychology
  • Managers interested in psychology
  • Students who want to acquire an attractive additional qualification
  • Meaningful evaluations and reports on all topics regarding professional development
  • You can develop individual action strategies with your client based on their results
  • The comprehensible visualizations and explanations generate a better understanding of complex psychological relationships
  • Your clients can take their personal result overviews and reports home as their ownindividual results of your workshop
  • In group training, individual results in the group can be compared
  • LPP trainer or LPP coach
    The LPP basic course that entitles you to use all LPP products
  • LPP senior coach