Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy of LINC GmbH for online analysis tools

LINC GmbH offers innovative online tools for individual diagnosis of behavioural preferences, personality traits and competencies. LINC GmbH provides these services for companies, coaches, and consultants and acts as a processor within this constellation. Furthermore, LINC GmbH offers its services to private individuals and processes their data in sole responsibility.

Protecting the users‘ privacy is very important to LINC GmbH. Below, we will give you detailed information on how we proceed with your data if you are a participant of our online analysis tools.

For more detailed information on data processing, please contact the respective company which orders the analysis and has sent us your data for that purpose, or the partner (e.g. a certified coach) with whom you have made a contract for the analysis.


What happens with your data?

When you participate in the online questionnaire, your data will be sent to LINC GmbH, who will then run the analysis of your questionnaire. For LINC GmbH these are individual-related data, since LINC GmbH will create a personalised analysis with reference to your personal data.

It’s necessary for us to associate your answers with your personal data in order to identify you as a user and personalise your results. Providing us with your name and gender only helps us to customise our analysis for you and address you personally. These data won’t be used for any other purposes.

LINC GmbH is bound to the GDPR and saves your data exclusively on servers located inside the Federal Republic of Germany. Additionally, your data will be encoded according to the latest technical findings.


Collection and use of data

Our customers or you give us your e-mail address, your name and your gender. These data are necessary to provide our participants with access to online tools and to associate their online analysis result with their personal data in order to personalise and transmit it to them upon request. Providing your gender identification is necessary in order to correctly address the results to you as a person. All personal data is used exclusively for the purpose of analysis and transmission of the participants‘ results.


Who is responsible for data processing?

All responsibility for data processing lies with the company which purchases the analysis and which transmits all necessary data to us or with the partner (e.g. a certified coach) with whom you have made a contract for the analysis or with LINC GmbH in case the analysis has been purchased directly at LINC GmbH.

Our contact info:

Grapengießerstr. 16
21335 Lüneburg

You can reach out to our data protection officer at


Which data will be processed and from which sources do they originate?

We process your personal data which we receive as a part of the order from our contract partners (companies or partners (e.g. a certified trainer or coach)) or from you for the purpose of analysis and evaluation. These are:

  • the person‘s first and last name
  • the person’s e-mail address (in some cases)
  • the person’s gender
  • the person’s completed questionnaire
  • the system’s analysis results (automatically generated result report for the person)


What are the purposes for which the data will be processed? What’s the legal foundation this process is based on?

We process your personal data as a processor upon request for companies and partners (e.g. certified coaches) who engage us to implement the analysis. LINC GmbH does not process your data for any other purposes inside LINC GmbH.

If you participate in one of our tests as a private individual, we process your data in order to fulfill agreed services or for the purpose of contract initiation according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 Buchst. b DSGVO (GDPR).

Who will receive the data?

We use the services of contracted providers for particular processings. This includes e.g. hosting, maintenance and support of IT-systems. These contractors process the data only after explicit instruction and are bound by contract to guarantee appropriate technical and administrative actions for privacy protection.

For how long will my data be saved?

The input data and results will be stored in our systems according to the instructions of our customers (e.g. a company or a certified coach). In case the analysis has been purchased directly by you at LINC GmbH, all data related to you will automatically be deleted from our system after two years. Furthermore, each person has the option to submit a written request for irrevocable removal of their data to those responsible.

What are my data protection rights?

You have the right to information, correction, removal or restriction of processing your saved data, the right of objection against processing your data as well as the right of data transferability according to the data protection law‘s conditions at any time. According to Art. 77 DSGVO, if you find that the way your personal data has been processed is against the DSGVO requirements you have the right to send a complaint to a supervisory authority.