Certification workshop and further education offers for trainers, coaches, professionals and leaders based on the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER (BIG FIVE personality test)

LPP – LINC Trainer/Coach Certification in order to use our BIG FIVE personality test

LINC Coach/Trainer Certification

LPP SENIOR COACH Certification – „professional coaching using the LPP (personality test BIG FIVE)“

LPP SENIOR COACH Certification

Further education LPP MASTER COACH

Further education LPP MASTER COACH

SUPERVISION SESSION with Dr. Ronald Franke

Supervision session with Dr. Ronald Franke

MODERATED EXCHANGE of experience for the LPP (BIG FIVE personality test)

Moderated exchange of experience

You want to learn more about our personality tests and the LPP certification? Find more information in our brochure „Everything from LINC at a glance".