Our continued education for certified LINC Coaches/ Trainers

Here you will find all information about continued training to become a LPP SENIOR COACH

LPP SENIOR COACH – “Professional Coaching with our BIG FIVE personality test (LPP)”

This online event is aimed at already certified coaches and trainers who would like to deepen their knowledge and skills for professional coaching with the LPP.

During the workshop, we will present you with coaching techniques that have been specifically designed for the LPP and / or adapted to the results of the personality test. In addition, wo will show you how typical coaching topics (e.g. leadership, development, stress) can successfully be coached with the tool. Moreover, all participants receive an extensive collection of materials – the “LPP Coaching set” (maps, guidelines, templates for worksheets, etc.) – as well as the opportunity for supervision as part of a personal conversation about your own coaching experiences. Participants of the seminar can use the title “LPP Senior Coach” upon completing the seminar.

Requirement: Certified LINC Coach/Trainer

Outline data: 1.5 workshop days, 950 euros excluding VAT

Implementation: Online certification



DAY 1:

On day 1 the coaches exchange their experiences with the use of LPP, concrete case studies are used to further professionalise the LPP coaching, the use in management and team training is discussed and psychological background knowledge of the LPP tools is imparted.

DAY 2:

On day 2 the focus is on linking the LPP results with the most common coaching methods. 10 of the most frequently used or newly developed coaching methods will be presented and their use in LPP coaching will be practiced. In addition, the professional use of the LPP variants PARTNER CHECK and external assessment as well as the competent use of additional materials such as the LPP card games will be the subject of the second day.


The aim of the two-day training is to intensively deal with all possible applications of the LPP and to build up application competence when coaching with the LPP. After the certification, SENIOR COACHES have a broader range of knowledge and the skills to apply the LPP in different coaching situations.

The certification as LPP SENIOR COACH is a prerequisite for the continued training for the LPP MASTER COACH.